Earl Allan passed away 1 March 2014 at the age of 89.
He was a founding member of WHSB and will be greatly missed.

  • Conductor:  Clem Rolin clementrolin@comcast.net
  • Associate Conductor:  Tom Snyder  tsnyder@westasd.org
  • President:  Laura Smith (serves until Fall of 2014)
  • Vice-President:  Justin Miller (serves until Fall of 2015)
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Karen Koszak  potato45@hotmail.com  (serves until Fall 2016)
  • Advisory Board:  Bill Balas (serves until Fall of 2016)
                                                Art Craft (serves until Fall of 2014)
                                                Sue Craft (serves until Fall of 2014)
                                                Jamie Kasper  (serves until Fall of 2015)
                                                Jenell Jacks (serves until Fall of 2016)
                                                Diana Wells Miller (serves until Fall of 2015)
    Justin Miller  (serves until Fall 2015)
  • Ad Hoc Program Designer:  Kelly Englert
  • Webmaster:  Rich Pawlish  rpawlish@wpa.net