The Musicians

The conductors and musicians participate as volunteers. Membership is based on the overall musical background of the interested musician and the instrumentation needs of the band at that time. Parts and chair positions are assigned by the conductor. Members are from all walks of life and range in age from those in high school through those in their 90's. It is important the members feel comfortable with the difficulty of the music and the performance level expected while enjoying both rehearsals and performances.

Openings are available in many sections throughout the concert season and summer outdoor performances. Please contact us at any time if interested in participating. Particular areas of need currently include: Trumpet and Tuba.  Please contact Clem Rolin, Music Director and Principal Conductor, at if interested in joining the band.

Toni Baldanzi
Pamela Brady
Alyson Collins
Susan Craft
Sarah Donegan
Kelly Englert
Deborah Heyl - summer
Jamie Kasper
Karen Koszak
Bernice Racke
Ron Steffanina

Richard Shyan
Bill Lewis

Brett Freithaler
Kayla Greer - summer
Ron Quin
Amber Shelton

Eb Clarinet
Laura Smith

Frederick Appel
Dave Bomstein
Sarah Kochis - summer
Vince Coppola

Jenell Jacks
Chuck Klump
Dennis Kurzawski
Jodi Kutzner - summer
Allison Long
Laura Macek

Ariella Meltzer - summer
Diana Miller 
Ted Nevin
James Rumbaugh
Marilyn Scott
Sara Snyder
Christine Stevens

Bass Clarinet
Janice Coppola

Debbie Higgs - summer
Rich Pawlish
Brendon Shapiro

Alto Saxophone
Fran Balog - summer

Joe Baldanzi
- summer
Alan Cugini
Sarah Eppler
Trudy Jarvis
D. J. Kobaly

Tenor Saxophone
Scott Albert
Tom Lorenze
Kress Oliver

Bari Saxophone
Mark McCollum
Spencer Steward - summer

Doug Arndt
Stephen Baldanzi
Alex Berhosky - WA
Matt Campbell
Michael Cosnek
Larry Davis
Jon DeGrosky
Ken Gargaro
Ray Haim - summer
Mike Holl

Cyndi Mancini
Joshua Mathianas
Gary McKeever
Bill Parker
Don Taylor
Jenna Veverka - summer
Ryan Wolf

French Horn
Joey Bandi - summer
Alexander Bednar
Jack D'Atri
Stacy Hooper

Jenny Kobaly
Mike Langiewicz - summer
Kevin McElheny
Paul Metzger
Chad Toporski
Marissa Ulmer
Samantha Yost

Bill Balas
Sonny Bayko
Courtney Conner
Kristen Davis
Stephan DeGrosky - summer
Shawn Holl - WA
Chuck Jacks
Josh Kasper
Justin Miller
James Lee Vogel
Brian Weibel - PT
Bill Yeager

Art Craft
Kate Franc
Mindy Harrist
Kit Keiper

Eric Finkelstein - summer
Eryn Carranza
Jeffrey DeGrosky - summer
Bob Patterson
Joe Sheeler

String Bass
Aldo DiIanni

Casey Burgh
Ben Cooley
Tom Harmon
Ann Pollack
Meghan Stoyanoff
Deb Weible 

Kevin Clark

C - Carlynton HS Student
CM - Canon-McMillan HS Student
H - Hopewell HS student
PT - Peters Township HS Student
summer - Summer Concert Member
SF - South Fayette HS Student
WA - West Allegheny HS Student

Musician Photos

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